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The Gold Sovereign Coin, an Important Part of Australian History

First struck in 1853, the Australian Gold Sovereigns were minted at the Sydney Mint. These very first sovereigns are called patterns, because they were trial strikings not intended for circulation. Today, only four are known to exist, putting them among Australia’s rarest coins.

In 1855 and 1856, the Sydney Mint struck the first sovereign for circulation. They featured a young head of Queen Victoria on the obverse. The reverse featured the word Australia within a wreath and the inscription Sydney Mint above and One Sovereign. These are now referred to as the type 1 Sydney Mint Gold Sovereign coin. From 1857 to 1870 (except 1869), the mint struck the so-called type 2 issue. It was designed by Leonard Charles Wyon, and featured a wreath of banksia leaves on Queen Victoria’s head with the reverse featuring the same design as type 1. 

Australian Gold Sovereign Coins from the Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Mints

In 1872, The Melbourne Mint struck its first sovereign with an “M” mintmark and this continued until 1887 for most years. The Sydney Mint (“S” Mintmark) struck these sovereigns between 1871 and 1887 for most years; both types feature the young head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and the shield on the reverse.

Benedetto Pistrucci’s design of St. George and the Dragon was used for the reverse of gold sovereigns at the Melbourne and Sydney Mints, during most years from 1871 to 1887. From 1887-1893, the Jubilee head was used for the Sydney and Melbourne minted coins to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 50th anniversary (Golden Jubilee 1837-1887) on the throne.

The Veiled head of Queen Victoria was portrayed on Australian Sovereigns from 1893-1901, including the Perth Mint’s (“P” Mintmark) for the very first time in 1899.

King Edward VII’s bust appeared on Australian sovereign coins from 1902-1910 inclusive from the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Mints.

Between 1911 and 1928, these coins were struck at the “S”, “M” and “P” mints for most years, featuring the large head of King George V. The final Sydney Mint gold sovereign was struck in 1926. From 1929-1931, the Melbourne and Perth Mints kept striking Gold Sovereigns, but they now featured the small head of King George V. The last Australian Sovereigns were issued in 1931.

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